Three get well gifts that are better than flowers

Having a friend who is ill and in hospital is obviously not a great thing. What it typically means is that you need to visit them and take flowers. Depending on how ill the person is, and in turn how long they are going to be spending in hospital, it often means that the patient’s room is crammed to overflowing with flowers. You don’t want to be the person who gifts more flowers, rather put your mind towards coming up with something else – a gift that will stand out from the rest and a gift that will be truly appreciated by the intended recipient. Here are a few ideas that you might want to consider.

A real treat

What about paying for somebody to go to the hospital and perform a private show. This probably requires a private ward, but if this is the situation hiring a dancer is a great idea. A quick online search for a phrase like ‘private strippers Melbourne should be enough to yield the name of an agency or two who could offer these services. Imagine the look on the face of your friend when a hot looking nurse walks into his ward and slowly starts to remove her clothes. It will almost certainly leave him feeling better – no matter what type of condition he is suffering from.


Lying in hospital for days on end is very boring. Even if you are feeling sick and under the weather you cannot be asleep the whole time and you will find yourself wanting to be entertained at some point. A flash drive with a selection of movies is a great thing to bring as a gift. Perhaps with a tablet or a laptop to assist with the viewing if this is not readily available in the ward. The device doesn’t need to be a permanent gift – that is simply something that you are loaning for the duration of the hospital stay. But the flash drive requires effort and thought, and it will be greatly appreciated by the recipient.

A surprise

Do what you can to facilitate a surprise for your bedridden friend. If they have a friend, parent or sibling who is far away, see what you can do to help bring that person to the hospital. Imagine how incredible and appreciative you would feel if you were feeling ill and suddenly your grandfather, or somebody who is very dear to you, but who is very far away, arrives to wish you well. Aeroplane tickets are surprisingly cheap if you are flexible with travel times, and if the person you are looking to surprise has a big circle of friends, then a quick whip-round for some cash will likely generate enough funds to pay for a ticket and a place for the loved one to stay. It is obviously a gesture that requires buy-in from the person who is going to be presented as the surprise, but this is probably the least difficult part of the plan to execute on.